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Tokyo Ghoul Episode #03 Anime Review | Fandom Post

A mask for day, a mask for night.

What They Say:
Yoshimura teaches Kaneki more about how to blend in with mankind, and takes in a mother and daughter needing protection. Two ghoul investigators, Mado and Amon, are assigned to the 20th Ward. In response, Touka takes Kaneki out to have a mask made for him.

The Review:

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World building is part of what makes a show interesting to me. And it’s really the little stuff that makes all the difference in the world. This episode has a lot of those small details in it.

Kaneki has taken up a part time job at Anteiku, the coffee shop run by Yoshimura (the “Old Man”) and where Toka works. Yoshimura spends a great deal of time teaching Kaneki the ins and outs of how they blend into human society; little things like how to appear like you’re really eating (you swallow human food whole, pretend you’re chewing, and then toss it up later so it doesn’t wreck your delicate for-human-flesh-only ghoul insides). Kaneki also goes on a “food pickup” with Yomo, an associate of Yoshimura. Some ghouls can’t hunt, it seems (though reasons for that are not gone into, but it’s implied that it’s because they are young and/or not violent) and Anteiku provides food services to these ghouls. Do they kill people? No – there are a few places that are popular spots for suicides, and it’s those bodies that Anteiku collect and divide up to supply food to ghouls.

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