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Are You Willing to Pay a Monthly/Yearly Subscription to Read Manga?

So if you haven't heard, the Japanese government is planning to launch attacks on sites that illegally stream manga and anime. The attacks are mainly if not entirely targeting Chinese sites that are estimated to have caused a profit loss of nearly 560 Billion Yen (U.S$ 5.6 Billion Dollars). We don't know when or if these attacks will be aimed at American sites but it pains me to think about my favorite manga sites being shut down.

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Sentient5452728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Assuming they actually deliver the content, of course I'm willing to pay. The problem currently is the fan translators offer a better service than the official channels. If I could just pay to read manga I would, but the vast majority of the time I can't. I have to wait years for it to get officially translated and sold in my half of the world. And that's just new popular titles, if I want to read old titles or non mainstream ones I'm boned because they are likely out of print and extremely hard to find in their entirety due to their multi volume format, or they never got translated at all. And that's not even touching upon the censorship prevalent in North American localisations.

At the end of the day manga is a business. They should work to provide a better service rather than rely on state legislation. Japan needs to step up their exportation and stop ignoring the foreign market.

GLG-Gaming2728d ago

I would pay, but only for physical editions. If digital, then they better make it convenient. I wouldn't mind a Netflix style service where I could pay month to month and choose from a huge list (Like the premium Crunchy Roll)

DEATHxTHExKIDx2728d ago

well theres new chapters almost every week so maybe. I prefer physical tho but once again not every manga I like is stateside yet.

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