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Is Alluka a boy or a girl? @ShortPauseAnime

We review key moments in the world of Hunter x Hunter to discuss Alluka's sex/gender.

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Shadonic2307d ago

Alluka is a boy but mentally a girl.

DivineHand1252307d ago

Alluka is most likely a girl and those subs are probable an error. What parent would boy there son a doll house and allow him to dress as a girl.

tazmeah2306d ago

I thought you might be right, too, but the crunchyoll and netflix versions alternate between "he" and "she" as well. I bought the official manga from, and whenever Killua says, "she", his father says "he". So, it happens in all the official translations.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2307d ago

Like Shadonic said Alluka is boy but mentally a girl. Killua is the only one in the family that cares enough to refer to him as "her".

tazmeah2306d ago

I think you're both right. But if that's true, wasn't it weird when Gotoh said to Killua, "I understand why I'm here, but why is Canary here?" Killua said Canary was there to "take care" of Alluka. He didn't want a man to take care of a girl, so... he got a girl to take care of a boy.

kingPoS2306d ago

Hmm... maybe Alluka's been to Jusenkyo. Just saying. lol

tazmeah2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

@kingPoS [Trying to find pictures of Alluka near hot and cold water.]