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Closing Down Pirated Anime Channels, But Crunchyroll Still Holds Monopoly and Doesn’t Deserve It

Jon of RGN writes, "Piracy of Japanese anime and manga costs over 20 billion in losses per year estimated by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry who will put a cease to it all they claim, however , the main issue driving so many people to pirate (in the case of the anime) as outlined by the anime “fan-sub” community in the latest AmA of Crunchyroll executive and co-founder Kun Gao is that the one company Crunchyroll holds a monopoly and is utterly failing to meet the level of quality expected by anime fans. They don’t even spend money on the things that matter to the fans, so if that’s not a violation I don’t know what is."

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F-Inglese-942311d ago

You really think they don't deserve it? They're basically the best online Anime distributor around. I think you're one of those "let's rage against the machine for no reason" types

JD_Shadow2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

It's still good to have competition, though. Only having one player doing what they do to choose from.

While I do agree that there are other players in this field (for instance, I stick with Hulu to watch Sailor Moon Crystal, even though CR streams it without ads, because I watch other things on Hulu and have subs for other things like Netflix and the WWE Network), I don't think a monopoly will be good for the consumer. Doesn't matter if the player is doing a great job or not, it's the principle behind that.

KingArthur13th2311d ago

Gotta agree with F-Inglese-94. Crunchyroll doesn't have a monopoly at all. A monopoly involves one group controlling a vast portion of an industry to such an extent that their consumers have no where else to go. Crunchyroll has stiff competition from Funimation not to mention there's Hulu, Daisuki and even Netflix is jumping into the ring. On top of that, there's dozens of illegal sites that haven't been touched by the authorities.

This recent attack on illegal streaming sites by the Japanese government will manly target Chinese sites and even then, they have stated that they're only targeting about 80 anime titles.

Crunchyroll barely has a monopoly and what they do have has been great. I've never experienced any of the issues stated in this article and I don't know anyone who has.

F-Inglese-942310d ago

It seems like whoever wrote this article just wanted some attention. Good or bad. Crunchyroll is doing great.