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Sailor Moon Crystal (2014) VS The Original

Now that Sailor Moon Crystal has started airing, it is time to make some comparisons to the original.

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SavageKuma2268d ago

I only have one problem and that is Rei is not as badass as in the original. It seems they do not have her attitude done right.

paradigmfellow2267d ago

My problem is that it is only 26 episodes. Why are they not doing the whole manga?

SavageKuma2267d ago

might just be season one.

frjoethesecond2267d ago

Without all the fluff from the first series, they'll probably be able to do the first arc in 26 episodes.

paradigmfellow2266d ago

I hate that it is only one season. That sucks. I want to see the true manga ending in anime form.

JD_Shadow2267d ago

She never was in the manga. She's way more grounded. The original anime added the bitchy part of her.