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This DBZ Fan Is Taking Saiyan Scouters to the next Level

Junkie Monkeys: We always enjoy seeing fans of Dragon Ball Z create awesome projects related to the show. Saiyan Scouters are typically easy to come by, but one Dragon Ball Z fan is currently working on a prototype scouter that puts current available scouters to shame.

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WillGuitarGuy2509d ago

Holy crap, that's awesome! Imagine if these were in mass production... the sales.

1Victor2509d ago

@will and the recall plus suits when you see a chick over 9000

UltraNova2509d ago

A chick over 9000 would be someone like Scarlet Johansson in leather tights... and there aint many of them walking around to boot with...

But a chick hotness radar (CHR)would be awesome.

Now if they could make one with selective depth x-ray vision, I would by 2 in a heart beat. (the 2nd one is a back up)

Treezy5042509d ago

Shut up and take my Zeni!

Gezmoyassine2509d ago

I am SO jealous right now...Me want one!

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