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Masters Of Sequential Art – The ‘Making Manga’ Workshop At SMASH! 2014

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

The doors open, the crowds flood in, the event halls fill up with excited bodies and the convention truly begins! It was the first day of SMASH! 2014 and one of the first small events that helped kick off the weekend in a huge way was the Making Manga Workshop, lead by two Sydneysiders who both happen to have an undying passion for visual storytelling and sequential art.

Going to conventions, I feel as though most attendees feel safe; they know they’re in an environment that only supports fun and they know that they’re surrounded by thousands of other people with, for the most part, the same interests and one of the interests I found to be in the majority is that of becoming a Manga/Comic Book artist.

Most convention-goers, especially those into Anime and Manga, have somewhat of a common goal and I feel as though one day making Manga is one of many. At some point in any Pop Culture fan’s life, they’ve wanted to try their hand at drawing. At least, that’s what I’d like to think. This is why art workshops at conventions are so damn popular!

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F-Inglese-942456d ago

A great panel but it suffered from the same thing all art workshops at this year's SMASH! did...bad scheduling

KBug932456d ago

They made some great points