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Rise Of The Machines – SMASH! 2014’s Gunpla Exhibit [SnapThirty]

I always thought myself a steady hand. As a child I’d spend my days building using connectable blocks and simple model kits. As a teen I fancied myself somewhat of a handyman, taking classes like ‘Woodwork’ at school. As someone coming out of my teenage years I realize I’m not quite as patient and precise as I used to be so, as you can imagine, watching groups of hard-working ‘Gunpla’ enthusiasts perfectly assembling confusing and detailed robots really puts me in a state of great envy.

At most Anime and Manga conventions, in fact, at most conventions that revolve around Japanese Pop Culture, you’ll always find a designated areas where model fanatics can take a seat and relax as they put together a fresh Gundam kit. Also at these conventions are areas where the very best of the very best models are put out on display for all the expo-goers to lay their eyes on and, most of the time, these models are more than magnificent, they’re simply…unbelievable!

SMASH! 2014 did not stray from what I’ve just mentioned, it had a sectioned off area guarded by a human-sized Gundam model just to let attendee know exactly what they’re about to be stepping into. I, though not too much of model-constructing fan, was absolutely blown away by the brilliant detail and overall beauty of these models.

They were…they were…they were so awesome! Luckily for those of you who weren’t able to attend this year’s SMASH!, we’ve got pictures of the ‘best of the best’ models just so you feel you haven’t missed out too much.

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F-Inglese-942260d ago

To be able to build things at this!