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Top 8 Best Anime Heroes - All The Time

They are the embodiment of good in the world of anime. This list counts down top 8 anime heroes. As you can imagine we had quite a selection to pick from all the series and we have lean on side of the classics in choosing this list.

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Alxe2263d ago

for me Naruto should be on the top of the list...

Jivesh2261d ago

How did Kenshiro and Simon not make this list?

sacmienboi9162260d ago

I think Naruto should be top 3 IMO. I mean he is literally fighting for the lives of everyone in the Naruto universe. Sad to see his story end soon.

johny52260d ago

WOW, What a total disrespect for not having Kenshiro! I mean, he's only number two behind Goku on this list?

Take that little girl with the blond hair off this list and throw a real man on there!

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The story is too old to be commented.