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More ‘Gangsta’ Anime Cast Information Released

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Followers of the site will know that us here at SnapThirty have a deep love for the Manga series ‘Gangsta’, illustrated and written by Kohske and published by Viz Media/Madman Entertainment. About a month or so ago we were given news that the Manga will be getting a Anime adaptation, we were not told when Anime fans would be seeing the Anime but what was released were the names of the voice actors and actress who will be playing the parts of the main trio; Worick, Nicholas and Alex.

Today that cast list as tripled in size with a Japanese blog updating their cast list for the Anime with a whole bunch of new names. This is exciting news because it means we’re getting closer and closer to the actual release of the Anime, or at least we’re getting closer to actually seeing some imagery of what the Anime is going to look like. Either way I’m very excited for the upcoming adaptation and I know you’re all just waiting to see who has signed on for the Anime, so without further delay…the cast list!

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Snapodile2289d ago

I freaking love this Manga!

KBug932289d ago

I can't wait for this Anime

F-Inglese-942289d ago

It's very rare that a Manga I've followed gets an Anime adaptations, I'm loving this