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‘Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn’ Is Almost A Year Old! It Is Time To Celebrate!

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

It’s almost been a year already?! Wow! Square Enix have reached out to all ‘Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn’ fans to alert them that now is the time to start celebrating a wonderfully momentous occasion. Strap on your dancing shoes and ready your bodies because from today onwards we’ll be tripping the light fantastic as the world of ‘A Realm Reborn’ is flooded with commemoratory events and player bonuses that will have each and every single player forced into a state of wonder and glee! YES! It’s the first year anniversary of ‘Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn’ and Square Enix have just given us all permission to run wild and party hard...

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Snapodile3081d ago

I was never one for MMO video games but I suppose it is never too late to get into it. I MAY give 'A Realm Reborn' a crack. We'll see

KBug933081d ago

Yeah I'm the same. I really do enjoy 'Final Fantasy' though so I guess I owe it to the franchise to give it a try.

F-Inglese-943081d ago

I'd be more inclined to play MMOs if they didn't have the monthly payment system. I spend enough money on video games as it is now. 'A Realm Reborn' does seem tantalizing though...

paradigmfellow3081d ago

I quit the game. It has become way too grindy for me.