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Hair and Hana | Hanamonogatari, A Review... from thereforeitis

If the events of the past Monogatari installations have anything to express, a lot has went on by this time, one of the more noticeable changes being that Koyomi Araragi and Hitagi Senjougahara have graduated high school. Suruga Kanbaru’s moved up to third-year, like her senpai before, but while her hair’s grown rather long, a couple things haven’t changed. She’s still cursed, cursed by her devilish arm which still hasn’t returned back to normal, cursed by her guilt for devilishly wishing for it to murder Koyomi out of jealousy. Outside of visual cues, both are demonstrated by her inability and/or unwillingness to play basketball again.

A rather physical encounter of sorts occurs one evening with a past acquaintance, a former rival in middle-school named Rouka Numachi...

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ZeroReq0112218d ago

Good day. I'm ZeroReq011, and this is a review of Hanamonogatari. Feel free to comment, and please enjoy.

Killa782217d ago

I loved the anime. It was a refreshing take on the whole series with Kanbaru playing a great protagonist.

With regards to your review, it was very well written but for me, it was abit too descriptive rather than you using your own opinion.

You went through the story well but don't talk about Kanbaru as a protagonist enough, there's hardly a conclusion and it wasn't engaging enough.

Perhaps you could mention some of your favourite or more notable parts without spoiling too much.

Nonetheless, great review. The Monogatari season is a series I rate very highly :D