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Xenoblade Chronicles Remake Exclusive to New Nintendo 3DS

Twinfinite writes:

Nintendo has finally announced the remake of Xenoblade Chronicles. The only catch is, it's an exclusive for the New Nintendo 3DS.

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dboyman2342d ago

Guess I am buying a new 3DS then....

worldwidegaming2342d ago

I sure hope it's a hell of a lot more powerful than the 3ds!
That would make it a worthwhile upgrade!

Canary2342d ago

It's not, and it isn't.

It's a minor upgrade in processing power that only a handful of games are likely to ever take advantage of. Essentially, it's like the N64's expansion pack, if Nintendo tried to sell it as a next-generation console.

What makes this anti-consumerist bullshit all the more grating is that Nintendo doesn't even have a NEW game to show off for it. Basically, they want people to shell out more money to buy another version of a platform they already own, and all they have to offer is a game we can already play.

3-4-52342d ago

Xenoblade was arguably Wii's largest game, so if it can handle that, in theory, it could handle nearly any Wii game.

hkgamer2341d ago

its probably a small upgrade. its down to you if you think its worth trading in your current 3ds to get this one.

for people who doesnt own one then its probably a good excuse to pick one up now. i was very close to buying the old one recently, thank god i didnt.


i dont think nintendo would try to sell it off as a next gen console. which is why they only put a 'new' tag on it. this will most likely cause confusion. similar to how wiiU was quite confusing to people who doesnt follow gaming. i think they should have caled it 3ds+ instead. the new just makes it look like a redesign.

worldwidegaming2341d ago

IMO, I think its not worth it. This is most likely being made for the Japanese population in mind.
They do not seem to care too much about consoles but
everyone (grandma and grandpa included) likes the 3ds.