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Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Episode 9 | The Glorio Blog

The Glorio Blog: "I’m going to go ahead and declare Seo and Waka my favorite couple. I love them all really, but seeing as they are the most “normal” characters I’m finding their relationship to be more realistic and relatable. Their little movie date this week was totally plausible, particularly Waka overthinking things as he tries to sort out his feelings. Watching him try to reconcile his affection for the girl sitting next to him with the kind of girl he thinks he’s supposed to like is just another great example of how Nozaki-kun questions gender roles without smashing them in your face. Does it matter that he’s a guy and he likes drama and romance while she’s a girl and she loves action and violence? NOPE! I will say the final mix-up with Seo and Kashima’s singing voice might have been the first time I felt frustrated with the series for stalling a relationship just for the sake of stalling, but overall their scenes were pretty great."

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