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‘Magic Kaito’ Anime Gets Episode Count

Set to premiere on October 4th, 2014, the upcoming anime adaptation of Magic Kaito from A-1 Pictures has now revealed its episode count. The series is getting its broadcast on Yomiuri TV and their site updated with the information thta the show will run for 24 episodes, giving it a good run overall. The show has had some cast announcements by revealing in Weekly Shonen Sunday that Kappei Yamaguchi will be playing the title role, which is doubly amusing since he also plays the role of Shin’ichi Kudo in Detective Conan. Additionally, M.A.O. will be playing Aoko Nakamoriwhile Eri Kitamura will play Akako Koizumi. Mamoru Miyano has signed on for Saguru Hakuba as well.

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