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Blue Spring Ride Episode 9 & 10 | The Glorio Blog

The Glorio Blog: "It’s been harder and harder to keep up with this show as the weeks have gone on. I imagine you could imply by my bi-weekly format that I was already starved for things to talk about, but this episode takes the cake. I suppose it would have been hard to fit everything from this and the proceeding episode into one show, but it just makes this episode feel super hollow and boring. I do like that it at least tried to give Kominato some more characterization this episode. You can tell that he actually does value the friendship he’s found in the student representative group, and he stands up for them when they’re being mistreated. It’s too bad so much focus is on Kou and Futaba, as it’d be nice to learn how Kominato and Murao met in the first place."

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