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One Piece: Film Z Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"With a series like One Piece running for almost two decades, it is inevitable that a number of movies are created in an attempt to cash in on the fans that have followed such a series. However, many of these movies are just that, cash-ins that offer little actual entertainment value for anyone but the most die-hard fans of the series. While the last movie, One Piece: Strong World, was an enjoyable enough offering with some flaws, how does One Piece: Film Z stand?"

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DivineHand1252687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Coming from Strong World, this movie was a huge disappointment for me mainly because the fight scenes were underwhelming and inconsistent. For example Z would be ploughing through dozens of enemies like he was White Beard but then gets severely nerfed when he is fighting Luffy, then after his battle with Luffy he gets back up and continues his routine of mowing down dozens of enemies. Also it wasn't just Z who was nerfed but his second in command as well. During her fight between Zoro she too took a huge cut in power to make Zoro win. In the special that aired to promote the movie after the fishman ark. There was a battle between Ain and Shuzo where Ain managed to beat Shuzo for the position of second in command. Later on Luffy fought Shuzo but could not defeat him with his strength alone. Therefore the only way it would make sense for Zoro to beat Ain so easily would be if Zoro now is much stronger than Luffy.

My expectations were very high going into this film. It was pitched as Luffy vs an EX Navy Admiral. In the series when Aoukiji and Akainu fought, it permanently changed the weather on punk hazard so that must have been some epic battle. What we got in Z was two guys punching each other till one of them fell down. Of course the fan boys ate that up and called it the best one piece movie ever. IMO the movie would have been 10 times better if the straw hats were not in the movie. If the movie was just the Navy vs the Neo Navy, the story would have been much better since there was no reason for the straw hats to get involved other than to serve the purpose of making an appearance since it was the Navy that finished the Job in the end.