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Mind Bends, Chaos Takes Over. Tokyo Ghoul ep. 12 Review [KKEnt]

Kuma wrote: Have you ever lost your innocence through traumatic event? I know as a child things were very simple and calm, because the world was less complicated. Then you get to a certain age or rather that time in your life to grow up and see the world as it truly is. Why do I tell you this? Because in the last two episodes Kaneki is facing the real world of the ghouls right now being tormented by Jason and as he is being tormented. Kaneki is going through an evolution, a demonic metamorphosis that his tormentors will regret. But the main question that everyone will be asking is, what will be of Kaneki from now on?

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DivineHand1252555d ago

Great series and I hope the main character now fully breaks out of that wimpy shell and fights to protect his friends.

SavageKuma2555d ago

Yea sometimes you need that push to protect those you care about. I am really digging the series. This whole scene made me cringe for Kaneki.

SavageKuma2555d ago

it is on my list, I just have too much to read lately.