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Junjo Romantica: Season 1 Review | The Game Scouts

Shezka Foxe: Okay wow, yaoi, am I right? No? Okay. For those unfamiliar with the genre, let me explain. Yaoi is basically a lot of guy loving thrown around with naughty bits being rubbed together. Not to be confused with shounen-ai, which is guy loving but with a more “hug bromance” angle. Everyone following so far? Okay, great! Let’s get to Junjo Romantica then! Since I used to watch quite a bit of yaoi as a teenager I like to think of myself as a bit of a genre connoisseur. Junjo Romantica starts off with your typical couple. The main protagonist is Misaki. He’s a young high school student aiming to conquer his college exams so he can enter a prestigious college. When he comes home he finds his brother, Takahiro, tackled with hugs from Usagi Usami. He’s a famous multi-millionaire novelist who’s close friends with the older brother of young Misaki. As time progresses Misaki has to get Usagi’s help to study for exams. When visiting the novelist’s house, Misaki confronts Usagi about “engaging” with his older brother. He suspects there’s something going on between his brother and this “suspicious” novelist character…at which point Usagi grabs Misaki, pins him to the bed, and proceeds to give him a hand job. Now you get the idea.

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