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Space Dandy Episode 25 | The Glorio Blog

The Glorio Blog: "A nicely structured and laid out episode of Dandy this week, which tells a story almost entirely in media res and therefore keeps the setting small and relatively intimate. It’s probably the most low-key outing in a while in fact, despite the fact the stakes are, you know, a murder trial. Despite that, there’s no real whodunnit aspect here, since the premise is so utterly ludicrous to begin with. Instead it’s just a chance for the prosecution and defence to bounce increasingly insane theories off of each other and for a gallery of weird witnesses to take the stand. The fast talking attorneys and some trademark utterly made-up science ensure that the pace remains high and though there’s definitely a few duff jokes we’re moving so fast that it’s pretty easy to skip over them and stay intrigued by the unfolding madness."

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