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Devil Survivor 2: The Animation – Complete Collection Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

Three kids, a God, and a plan for universal domination. This is ‘Devil Survivor 2: The Animation’. Many of you out there are probably thinking that you’ve heard this name before, well you have because it was originally a game for the Nintendo DS which, funnily enough, has just been announced to be a getting a remake for the Nintendo 3DS sometime next year.

I suppose Hanabee, the Australian Anime distributors, knew something we didn’t as it is only now that this series is getting a release ‘down under’. Originally released over a year ago in Japan and streamed for the West thanks to Crunchyroll, it was an interesting experience being able to watch this series again in full English audio and without having to wait week by week.

Before even putting the disc in I took a moment to think about what I was getting into: Does it still hold up after a year of animation progression and newer series’? Will I be able to appreciate the English voice acting when I’ve already heard the supreme talents of the original Japanese dub? Will it be as good the second time around? I didn’t really know how it would go but, without giving away too much, I was pleasantly surprised.

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