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‘Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians’ Anime Adds Quick Hit TV Spot

After giving us an extended TV spot about a week ago, which itself followed some extensive ongoing cast announcements, Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians now moves on to the next phase of marketing itself with a quick hit 15 second TV spot. These spots are always interesting to see since they highlight the music, which is a big selling point for many fans, as well as the general tone and nature of it. The manga for this property started in 2010 and has seven volumes to its name as created by Akinari Nao and Kenji Saitou. The anime adaptation is slated for an October 2014 debut. The series is set to be directed by Hiroshi Nishikiori based on the series composition by Hiroyuki Yoshino while Shinpei Tomooka will be doing double duty as the character designer and director of photography. The series is being animated at Seven Arcs Pictures.

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