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Terror in Resonance Episode 11 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwor -= SPHINX has been dragged into the light. Although their hands stained Tokyo's skies an apocalyptic red, the judgment days aren't for Nine and Twelve, but Japan's leaders in the public eye. They manage to stop the atomic bomb unleashed at the end of last week, but, after one final idyllic day together, United States troops arrive to take the boys out. And they succeed - first with Twelve, who is sniped through the chest, and then Nine, who succumbs to his conditioned illness after having been talked down from destroying the rest of Japan by Shibazaki. Lisa and Shibazaki live on, altered by the boys and seemingly content that their nation's exploitation of its own citizens has been unearthed. However, they don't forget, reuniting by their graves one year later.

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