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Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail Review | Anime Reviews

When the original Black Lagoon anime came out it was easy to see we had stumbled upon something special. It told the dark, yet touching, tale of pirates, serial killers, ex-soldiers and gangsters trying to thrive in the thoroughly corrupt city of Roanapur. Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail is a direct sequel that continues that story. It too tries to portray the grim reality of one such scarred person, but fails to be as touching or substantial as previous story arcs in the series.

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blitzburns42068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

I agree. The OVAs were a total mess for the most part, but this story does follow the manga and RBT represents the largest arc of the entire manga so the animators, if they wished to continue Black Lagoon into a third season, pretty much had no choice but to use it.

I could write on and on about why it was disappointing, but it basically comes down to a few main problems.

The biggest problems I had with RBT are first, the fact half of the crew of Black Lagoon were /still/ sidelined. I mean seriously we haven't really seen Dutch or Benny in action since the Nazi arc of the first season. (It's a, "Whats the fucking deal?" moment.) Second, I disliked the first Roberta arc, and many people I talk to seem to agree that it was the weakest arc of the first season. (I wanted to see blowback from the events of the 2nd season damnit!) Third, I'm still waiting for the point where Rock loses it and becomes a very dark character, which I think is what everybody wants. The whole point of 2nd barrage was, in my eyes, to set up a point where Rock becomes dark between the Twins arc and the Gangster Paradise arc. Roberta's Blood Trail, as a whole, felt like a total step backwards character development wise. It hinted at making Rock dark but didn't really go anywhere with it. Hell, I don't even think it referenced the events of the previous two story arcs once, or if it did I don't remember. But still. Rock from the get-go was advertised as an everyday, albeit very skilled, businessman with massive potential to be a powerful force in the underworld. The fact that he witnessed slave-traded children becoming murderus as well as the bloodbath in Japan you'd think there would start to be some effects to his character. I didn't really think any of those effects were really visible in RBT...It just felt like another gung-ho pointless adventure, which is exactly what it was.

To summarize, probably the biggest issue was that I couldn't help but feel it was a total sideshow to the events of the first two seasons, instead of the direct continuation it was advertised to be.

nadav2068d ago

Thank you for your comment. Regardless of how bad RBT ended being I still hope Black Lagoon will continue into a proper third season in the future.
Also, Next time please write your comment on the actual review page. That way other people will be able to see your opinion and build on it after reading the review. Unfortunately Animeshinbun's post refresh rate is so high that this post will have relatively little time in the spotlight before it disappears into the archives.

blitzburns42060d ago

Will do, thanks for the heads up. Great article and thanks for the read too.