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Top Five Anime of Summer 2014 l Project Otaku

Summer is over and we need to crown the winners before the fall season starts.

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Kingoftherodeo2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

legend of korra was plain stupid. other than them ripping ghibli studios spirit world creatures. korra is the most useless avatar i mean you fully master all the elements and you are getting your shit kicked in week in and out. the spirit world episode where she gets captured is just plain stupid. i mean season before you just defeated whats seams the like most darkest spirit in the planet and you cant handle some human benders????

DivineHand1252553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Spirits are illustrated the same way across many different shows so that does not prove that avatar ripped off anybody. Your hate for Korra is unwarranted because your are underestimating the benders Korra encountered in this past season. Korra was able to handle the typical benders she came across so far due to her mastery of the four elements but the red lotus were not normal. These guys were true masters in their respected elements strong enough to conquer any city or nation when united together. It also did help that some of them were using techniques never before seen by modern benders so it is perfectly understandable that they could give even the avatar a run for her money.

Kingoftherodeo2553d ago

theres a reason they stopped airing the episodes on nickelodeon half way through the season. you had to go watch it on their website

DivineHand1252552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I did some research as to why the Legend of Korra stopped airing on TV half way through the season and what I found is that it was something they planned on doing for a long time. The amount of people who view their content digitally for certain shows greatly out numbers the views coming in from television so they made the jump. They probably did it half way into the season to try to lure the fans that were tv only onto their website to continue watching it. Proof of this is backed up by the leak that happened prior to the airing of the third season when three episodes from the middle of the season were released on their spanish website.


DivineHand1252553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

IMO Summer 2014 was terrible. The only two anime that were above average were Tokyo Ghoul and Akame ga kill. I Didn't watch space dandy because it was not my cup of tea but I did see the other anime on the list.

The problem with Zankyou no Terror is that they failed to let me sympathise with terrorist because one they did not make their goal clear from the start and two the series had a low level of suspense. At no time in the series I felt like I was at the edge of my seat like you would expect in a series where the main characters were terrorist. What a huge let down.

Aldnoah.Zero problem is that Inaho was not a good main character mainly because his personality and combat experience does not make any sense. He is empty and emotionless with no insight as to how he ended up that way and how could a fifteen year old who has never seen battle or finish training perform better than the professionals while using an inferior unit?
I'm used to anime making the teenagers save the day while the adults take the back seat but they usually explain the circumstances that lead to that reality however that kind of explanation is missing from this anime.

Another problem was that mankind is supposed to be on the verge of extinction but there is no sense of that from the remaining earth population. No tension, no desperation and no anger. It tried too hard to make the Martians look like the bad guys by making Earthlings too much like Pacifists. Another area where it dropped the ball is that the Martians are committing mass genocide yet there is no conflict or divide within their own ranks calling out this evil that is taking place. The anime was just too one dimensional.