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Fairy Fencer F Review [SnapThirty]

Beau Snow writes:

"Fairy Fence F is a JRPG from Compile Heart, the wildly popular Japanese developer who brought you games such as Record of Agarest War, Cross Edge and the iconic Puzzle Mate! It mixes the visual novel style with dungeon crawling RPG elements making what is a niche experience that some will love while leaving others feeling that this game has very little to offer. Despite the fact that this game is not for everyone, for those who are into this style of game prepare to devote an insane amount of hours of your life to the wonderful world of Fairy Fencer F."

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futurefrog2491d ago

Seems like a decent game, I love compile heart so I might check it out.

F-Inglese-942491d ago

I've had some bad luck with Compile Heart titles in the past but this may be a little turning point for me. Good read