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Top Summer 2014 Anime: Final Ratings

A not-entirely comprehensive look back at the summer 2014 season, along with ratings, caption awards, and final ratings for eleven shows from the season.

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iblessall1479d ago

You know, looking back on it now, maybe this season wasn't as terrible as I though it was. There were a number of goods show that I legitimately enjoyed. Maybe it was just that the midrange shows weren't all that impressive and that the bad shows were especially bad...

johny51479d ago

I'm tired of all these clichéd high school romantic comedies! I want something ultra violent and action packed!

How about a second season to Guyver Bio-boosted Armor, or a new Fists of the North Star show! I'd also like a new movie or show based off of Vampire Hunter D.

iblessall1479d ago

Ultra violent? There's always Akame ga Kill. LOL

s45gr321478d ago

Ugh no mention of Sword Art Online 2 a huge improvement over season 1

TXIDarkAvenger1478d ago

The next arc is even better from what I heard so I'm super excited.

iblessall1478d ago

I actually haven't watched SAO yet at all because I want to marathon it all together when it's done airing.

NovusTerminus1478d ago

I stopped Tokyo Ghoul, most likely going to continue it on in the Manga.

I finished Zankyo no Terror up last night, and I LOVED it. Ending was a little disappointing, but still great. Was hoping that button would be pushed!