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‘Baka & Test’ Anime Gets Pantyful Dub Clip

FUNimation is continuing to release new dub clips for the original Baka & Test – Summon the Beasts seasons that were released back at the beginning of September and they’re definitely making me want to watch the show again. While we had a bit of a violent clip the last time around, this nearly four minute clip goes into the boys dealing with panties and more. With the two seasons having gotten new S.A.V.E. releases on DVD only back on September 2nd, they’re bringing out a new clip from the second season of the series to show off that can be shared and engaged with to remind people that they may have missed it – or not even been anime fans when it first came around. The releases are definitely nicely priced as each season has 13 episodes while the second season gets an OVA with it as well and both are priced at just $29.99 retail. This is all about getting the show to the fans at a good price to enjoy and they definitely achieve that here.

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