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Top 8 Anime Villains All The Time

The counter parts of every anime hero, pure evil villains who give the heroes a run for their money. Anime can have good stories nice drawing style but without the menacing bad guys they would be incomplete. These villains come in all sizes and shapes from mad ninjas wild creatures to demons of all kind.

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zeal0us2544d ago

Boy does this list looks generic. Out of all the One Piece and Naruto villains , Crocodile and Orochimaru gets chosen....

dota2champion2544d ago

I stop reading Bleach manga after they defeated Aizen, he was a bad ass villain

c316472543d ago

No Shogo Makishima from Psycho-Pass

RetrospectRealm2543d ago

Keep hearing about that. Is that good? Enough for the villain to already be on an all-time villains list?

2543d ago
1Victor2543d ago

I want my 5 click back