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5 Badass Female Anime Characters

Rize is known under her nickname Binge Eater (大喰い, Binge Eater or Gluttony, literally Big Eater).....

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hazelamy2540d ago

i'd have had Major Motoko Kusanagi.

now that woman kicks arse.
helps when you have a cyborg body of course.

not complaining about the list though, i've only see one of the anime listed so i can't argue with it.

the one i have seen is High School Of The Dead.
the fanservice was ludicrous, and in parts hilarious, but the show was pretty cool.

did they ever do a second season?

mohuzas2540d ago

I'd add Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach.
Sure she's not a busty chick with incredible curves and what not, and sure she's not the most powerful character in Bleach, but despite lacking those 2 traits and more, She's still beautiful, She's still very powerful (especially if you factor in the manga with her Bankai and power-up), and She's very smart and clever unlike most anime girls which are stereotypically dumb, shy, tsundere or whatever.

pompombrum2540d ago

Personally think both Kusanagi (GITS) and Revy (Black Lagoon) deserve a spot in any badass female characters list but I at least agree with the ones on the list from the anime I've watched.

dota2champion2540d ago

That chick from Black lagoon is pretty bad ass

Kurylo3d2539d ago

Revy... but then again every chick in black lagoon is pretty bad ass.

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