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First Thoughts: “Garo: The Animation” – Long Live The Kink [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

I’ll be honest with you, reader, until the news came up on my daily surfing, I had no interest in watching this show. After seeing that one of my favorite new online Anime distributors, AnimeLab, was simulcasting this series I decided to go ahead and watch the first episode…lucky I did otherwise I would have missed out on one hell of an engaging series opener.

Knowing absolutely nothing of what the series had to offer, I jumped in mostly blind. So blind, in fact, that I was a bit surprised when I finally figured out that the series is set entirely in what looks to be medieval times. ‘Garo: The Animation’, from what I’ve read, is an Anime series that is actually based upon a tokusatsu television show of the same name though I don’t believe it is set in the exact same time as the Anime. I am only judging by the screenshots I’ve seen, so if you’re a fan of the television show and have some information that can prove me wrong please, by all means, keep it to yourself because it’ll just embarrass me.

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