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Akame ga KILL! Episode 14 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - Not been a fan of Esdeath and her obsession with Tatsumi so far? Then you are probably not going to be a fan of this episode, either, as this is The Esdeath and Tatsumi Show in its most concentrated form; in fact, beyond brief scenes at the beginning and near the end and little bits in a couple of flashbacks, all of the screen time belongs to one or both of the two. This arises because while Esdeath is getting lovey-dovey with Tatsumi atop the mountain from the previous episode, they encounter the cloaked figure who has been popping up recently, who uses an Imperial Arms to teleport them to a deserted island where a couple of gigantic Danger Beasts lurk. They prove no problem for the two, for Esdeath is not the capital's most powerful warrior for nothing and Tatsumi is no slouch himself, but that still leaves their stranded predicament, and while Esdeath does seek ways off the island, she is also perfectly willing to have some alone time with Tatsumi first – much to Tatsumi's dismay, of course.

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