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Tokyo Ghoul Creator Sui Ishida Reveals Tokyo Ghoul:re

Sui Ishida has shed light over his “shocking new series”, revealing that it is connected to his Tokyo Ghoul Manga series. His new series, Tokyo Ghoul:re, will make it’s debut on the 16th of October and Shueisha have provided a brief description of the series: “The legend has a beginning. If you bear witness to this beginning, it will be a moment you will never forget as long as you live!!”

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masterfox2293d ago

After Kaneki surpassing the problem of worrying of everything and finally realize how the world is and is about of surviving, liked alot the series but then I realize it was the final episode I was wtf ?, so this news for a new series is freaking awesome !!!

c316472293d ago

It sounds like a pre-quel, if it is i hope it will tie into current events and shed some light on what happened to Kaneki.