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5 Ways Dating An Anime Fan Can Have Its Challenges

GoBoiano: "When it comes to dating someone, there's a good amount of give and take. Sacrifices are made. Watching anime with someone means you need to take into account their tastes in addition to yours. But if it's your significant other, it may get more personal. What if they don't want to watch Toradora again? What if they catch on to your favorite husbandos and waifus, causing an all out anime war? Here are five ways dating an anime fan can have its challenges."

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tazmeah2534d ago

I married an anime fan. It's awesome! If she's into something I don't like — Free! for example — she watches that on her own. I watched Steins;Gate on my own. Nearly everything else, we watch together. So do it.

NyanCat2532d ago

I've only dated guys who are anime fans. I watch way too much anime, so it's incorporated into my life. I think it would be too difficult to date someone who doesn't like it. It doesn't matter if we have different tastes in anime, I like to watch new genres now and then. If the relationship is stable, I don't see any of these "problems" actually rising.