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Beyond Terrorism | Terror in Resonance, A Review... from thereforeitis

It’s a hot and clear day with a chance of particulate smoke and falling debris as Sphinx, comprised of Nine and Twelve (the names they refer to themselves by) makes media and police attention after what would have been their first successful terrorist operation. I say that because they stole nuclear material from a power plant from earlier, though that part of was not reported to the public. The media is eating their second successful terrorist operation up, Sphinx, like the mythical beasts they take inspiration from, are throwing out riddles in a display of personality, and Tokyo’s got their finest detective out of semi-retirement to cut these kids down to size.

It’s the makings of a Hollywood thriller, which isn’t necessarily bad per se (despite my deep-seated reservations towards Hollywood), but one of the reasons why those kinds of thrillers are attractive to the many people that like them is because they aren’t complex. A lot of people tend to want to watch something that’s fun, and anything thriller-like that diverges from the basic tropes of moralistic dualism isn’t a lot of people’s ideas of empowering, or enthralling, or fun. Nothing kills fun faster than moral complexity, because complex to them is synonymous to complicated, and complicated is a pain...

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