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Top Five Anime of Summer 2014

Unleash the Fanboy: "With the 2014 Summer Season over with and the Fall Season already underway, we here at UTF took the time out of busy fanboy ranting schedule to once again chronicle and list the top 5 anime of the hectic but still manageable summer season. Now to clarify this list is only for shows that started in the summer season, not ones that went through both the summer and previous winter season. This unfortunately eliminates shows like Space Dandy, Captain Earth, and Haikyuu. That being said, here we go."

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iblessall2527d ago

Can't argue with the top 3 shows on the list. They were pretty much the cream of the crop for Summer. Surprised to see Akame ga Kill on the list, though, what with it only being halfway done.

s45gr322526d ago

Aaargh, come on Sword Art Online 2 was way better than the Aincrad Arc.