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Kabukimonogatari – Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

Time travel is far too fickle of a subject for just ‘anyone’ to be writing about. Few have written a story involving speeding through the fabric of our time and pulled it off perfectly. I, as a ‘wannabee writer’, would never go near such a story topic but I look to those who’ve done it with a level of deep respect, that is…if they do it right. The ‘Monogatari’ series, both the Anime and the light novels, revolves around supernatural occurrences in a town full of crazy characters. The series up until this point has been strictly about paranormal apparitions but has stayed true to its fantasy-type routes. ‘Kabukimonogatari’, the four episode section of what was originally called ‘Monogatari Series: Second Season’, takes somewhat of a turn to instead deal with the more science fiction issue of time traveling and the ways it can all go wrong.

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