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Psycho-Pass 2 - Episode 03 | Caraniel's Ramblings

This episode was raised some interesting questions about how people manage their psycho-pass hue through the conversations of a number of different characters.
Our antagonist, Kirito Kamui, aims to free people from the obsession with psycho-pass hue, “I want to make this world clear, so clear it is invisible”, thus freeing people from this Sybil System’s constant monitoring. Kamui himself seems to be invisible to the scanners but we don’t yet know how he is doing that and what he does to change other people’s hues. Kamui is a rather fascinating character at the moment. He’s soft-spoken yet impassioned, prone to tears and dresses like a geography teacher, but he’s completely capable of gorging out a woman’s eye, psychological torture and outright murder.

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