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Hideaki Anno claims Anime Industry is at a Dead End

Recently at an event honouring his work in animation, famed director and creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno voiced his concerns about the state of the Japanese anime industry, going so far as to predict its eventual demise should things not change.

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F-Inglese-942517d ago

What is happening in Japan right now?!

TheHergulaX2516d ago

Dead end? Seems like they are doing better than ever... or at least it seems like they are still going strong.

iblessall2516d ago

I think he's talking about creativity in the industry, rather than the simple presence of the medium.

TheHergulaX2515d ago

Well I get that, but even then, it seems to me at least that they are doing fine.

SaffronCurse2516d ago

Strange, Anime has been getting more popular as of late.

mydyingparadiselost2516d ago

I have to agree, I think anime hit a high mark in the 90's to the beginning of the millennium and has just fallen creatively since then. There's good stuff out there, but it seems few and far in between to me.

F-Inglese-942516d ago

I feel like anime has just been getting better. The 90s has its gems but only a few of them hold up in the new age.

koga882516d ago

Says the one trick pony who made Evangelion and has since milked the series to death over the last twenty years. Maybe he is at a dead end since even Evangelion fans won't keep buying the same thing over and over again.

F-Inglese-942516d ago

THAT is a true statement. Something must've happened in his recent career to make him bitter or he's just become really jealous all of the sudden. Why else would he come out and say something like this?

futurefrog2516d ago

You are exactly right. I feel like he has no real authority on the subject, considering he hasn't made an anime series in god knows how long and is simply remaking the same shit as before.

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The story is too old to be commented.