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New The Last: Naruto the Movie Full Character Designs Revealed

New full character designs has been revealed for the latest Naruto Movie, New The Last: Naruto the Movie.

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masterfox2521d ago

I'm really looking forward to this movie.


It is official now. Hinata is now the point of interest of Naruto.

zeal0us2521d ago

So almost everyone cut their hair shorter except for the female characters, shikamaru and kakashi.

pompombrum2521d ago

What on Earth is going on with Sasuke? That outfit is terrible.

masterfox2520d ago

yep I have to agree on that, it looks bad.

GenericNameHere2521d ago

Hoping Sasuke removes his stupid poncho. I want to see his new clothing. If Naruto didn't have short hair, I would have liked his design more. I like Sakura's face and her having the diamond thing a Tsunade has. Hinata is great, but the angle used here is ehh. Hoping Shikamaru is married to Temari, or at least in a public relationship now. Choji and Kiba both having goatees is awesome. I expected Shikamaru to have one though, not Choji, so I was a bit surprised. Ino is hawt, that's all. Kakashi is always cool, but I wish his costume had flair like Tobirama's or Minato's. I prefer Gaara's Shippuden design, but it's not bad, just not great either. Wish Kiba/Akamaru, Shino, Rock Lee, Ten Ten, and Gai also showed up here. Yamato too if Kishi didn't forget about him.

nato252521d ago

Why don't the characters just look like normal but with different outfits ?

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