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Akame ga Kill! Episode 18 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - While Tatsumi and Wave both contemplate the losses on their respective sides, Wave also worries about Kurome's shaky health and Tatsumi returns to the verbal scrapping he did with Mine prior to Chelsea's arrival. The Jaegers speak to Borick, the Imperial spy in the Path of Peace religion, about defending against an anticipated attack by Night Raid, so he dispatches his own elite force, the four Demons of Rakshasha, to hunt them down. One uses his body manipulation ability to confront Akame, while two others locate Lubbock (despite his best efforts to go incognito) and try to take him out. They soon discover that his Cross Tail is nothing to be trifled with and that Lubbock is quite capable of holding his own in a stand-up fight, while Akame's attacker, a former fellow assassin, also finds out that Imperial Arms can have some nasty side effects when used deviously.

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