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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"When Platinum Games developed and released Bayonetta back in 2010 it garnered quite a lot of attention thanks to its exciting gameplay and unique main character. Despite the game’s popularity in certain areas, fans of the game had to wait over four years before stepping into Bayonetta’s stilettos once more. In that time frame, a movie based around the events of the first game called Bayonetta: Bloody Fate was created and now FUNimation has released it in North America. Has Bayonetta successfully made the transition into an animated film? Let’s find out."

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level 3602510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

It's basically the game but done in 2D animation.

The character designs aren't as wild or excessive as the game but they still look quite sleek I think.

If you love the game you'll more than likely do and probably collect the anime feature as well.

7/10 seems about right.

Blu Ray is about 29+ dollars.

LinkageAX2509d ago

It's not really the game though, it leaves out 90% of the content of the game and changes entire events to fit it's own narrative.