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Naruto Shippuden November 2014 Episodes Schedule

October is over and we have seen all the epic episodes of that November. Naruto has finally defeated the ten tails Jinchuriki Obito and now its Madara’s turn to arrive at the battlefield. In the month of November we will see some amazing episodes and will finally see Madara in action. Madara will become the Jinchuriki of ten tails and from here some epic battles will start.

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Kakashi Hatake2509d ago

Was expecting to see an episode guide.Thanks for the damn spoilers.

JudgmentJay2508d ago

Still, how damn hard is it writing the words "Spoiler alert"

SaffronCurse2508d ago

Apparently 90% of the anime population have a hard time doing so. This is what is driving me to not watch anymore anime shows.