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Trinity Seven Episode 5 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - With Yui now awakened, she starts hanging on Arata rather determinedly, much to the dismay or disgust of some of the other girls. (She even tells Arin, his self-declared wife, that she is content to be merely his mistress.) Things soon escalate to a full-powered magical scrap, partly over Arata and partly over long-standing rivalries between some of the Trinity Seven, but Yui's dream magic proves quite capable at forcibly calming the situation down. What it can't calm, though, are worries over the arrival of someone or something during a thunderstorm. Is it the ghost of a student who disappeared under strange circumstances several months back, or something else? The culprit soon turns out to be the until-this-point-absent final member of the Trinity Seven, camera girl Serina's twin sister Liselotte, who is up to no good and seems intent on stealing the powers of the others and becoming a demon lord candidate herself. Arata, of course, is more concerned about how shapely her legs are.

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