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All You Need is Kill Review | The Game Scouts

Ameenah Salamunic: Hiroshi Sakurazaka struck gold with All You Need is Kill. The light novel has been remade at least three times since its original publication in 2009. This past summer, Tom Cruise starred as the protagonist in the blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow, an undoubtedly Americanized but solid interpretation of the Japanese science fiction adventure. Marvel artist Lee Ferguson released a short graphic novel to accompany the film’s promotion. A superstar team created a manga serialized in Shonen Jump earlier this year. The award-winning Takeshi Obata, of Deathnote and Bakuman, adapted the original illustrations by yoshitoshi ABe, famous for his character designs in Serial Experiments Lain. Writer and storyboard artist, Ryōsuke Takeuchi, transcribed Sakurazaka’s exposition into believable dialogue.

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