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12 Dumb Ways To Die In Anime

GoBoiano: "Death is not an uncommon sight in the world of anime; in fact, it's quite expected to go hand in hand with plenty of blood for any occasion. Mock deaths, funny deaths, dramatic deaths — every type of death imaginable has most likely been carried out in a series or two. Here are 12 of the dumbest ways to die in anime."

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deep_fried_bum_cake2505d ago

The flashy entrance is the best.

TheHergulaX2504d ago

Enjoyable read. Definitely worth it.

ProjectOtaku2504d ago

Dumb ways to die.
So many dumb ways to die.

TXIDarkAvenger2504d ago

Oh man the Falling on your umbrella just hurts watching it.

andrewer2504d ago

need to watch excel saga xD