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‘High School Of The Dead’ Anime DVD/BD Collectors Edition Unboxing

While we’ve lucked out and zombies have not taken over mass entertainment in a huge way, we’ve still got some good quality horror/zombie shows out there. One that is carrying a big old torch in the anime world is High School of the Dead. The show still pretty much sells like crazy at conventions and is one of those beautiful gateway shows for fans to get into and then get sucked into other series.

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TXIDarkAvenger2511d ago

still waiting on a season 2

Delsin_Rowe2508d ago

I am getting tired of the creator lazyas$, by now there could have been working on season 3 and 4 but the creator cant even finish the damn manga too, it seem he don't want to even work on it again. Either he announced HOTD is cancelled or announce the anime is cancel only except the manga or announced new chapters and season this year because i wont no longer wait like 4 years for a anime that could have more than 100 chapters in the manga and be by 3rd season right now.