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Short Peace – Film Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

The very first time I laid eyes upon “Short Peace” was a while ago when I walked into a local video game distributor and its interesting front cover caught my eye. Red and white, like the Japanese flag, this cover featured striking but muddled imagery that forces those looking to take one big step forward just to be able to see exactly what the picture features. I picked it up, I gave the synopsis a read and became somewhat confused by it but it stayed on my mind for quite some time. A video game that’s also a movie which is made up of four mini-movies each telling a wildly different story but each showing a piece of Japanese history and future, fictional or otherwise, that are connected simply by the country they were developed in. Thinking back on it…it’s a little less confusing now that I’ve actually watched the movie. It’s now 2014 and that means the Japan Foundation are spearheading another fantastic Japanese Film Festival with a line up that is just as good if not better than that of last year’s. Thanks to our friends at the Japan Foundation, us here at SnapThirty have been given a whole batch of screeners all featuring movies from the 2014 line up and one of them just so happens to be “Short Peace”, a film that was destined to be watched by me ever since I first saw it.

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