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Shirobako Episode #06 Anime Review | Fandom Post

A giant robot comes to save the day yet again.

What They Say:
Episode 6: “Idepon Miyamori: On the Move”

The Review:
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As we’re coming into the midway point of the season, the show is at a vital junction. The show-within-the-show is also at a potential breaking point. If Endou, the animation supervisor for episode 8 and key animator charged with creating an extremely important scene that caps off episode 8 and leads directly into episode 9, cannot be brought back on board, having quit largely because of production assistant Takanashi’s inability to interact with others (which is unfortunately a very important role for every production assistant), the production might well come to a standstill. Kinoshita, already famous for a recap fiasco tied to an earlier work of his, could well sink Musashino Animation because of his dithering a couple episodes ago.

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