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Tokyo Ghoul Uncensored V/S Censored Version

The first volume of Tokyo Ghoul in Blu-ray has finally released and it showed us the uncensored version of the Sui Ishida’s horror dark fantasy series. The Tokyo Ghoul TV broadcast is censored a lot. They have completely censored the blood gore and some scenes from the TV version of Tokyo Ghoul. The good news is if you are ready to buy the Blu-Ray version, then you will get the uncensored version and you can enjoy Tokyo Ghoul at max.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2787d ago

How it shoulda been in the first place.

Lord_Sloth2787d ago

Is this what everybody was complaining about in the series vs manga? The blood and gore?

DEATHxTHExKIDx2787d ago

More than that. lots of backstory behind characters is left out. Pacing is rushed. Certain story arcs being switched around. Overall butchered.

For 12 episodes they hit the major points but still miss quite a bit. It should have been 24. But at least we got something.

StormLegend2787d ago

I love this show! I can't wait for season 2!!!